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Professional Email Example

“Say it fast, and say it well” – that’s the mantra for the age of fleeting customer attention spans…

If you are looking for an email template to send out to hook a client meeting or sale. It’s time to get real.

The process has changed. How many meetings did you book from cold emails this morning? Zero!

There is a process which I’m about to share and an email structure to go with it.

But first, let’s look at what types of professional emails you may be looking for:-

Professional Email Types

  • Professional Introduction
  • Business Introduction
  • Self-Introduction
  • Professional Thank-You Email

Professional Introduction

Let’s look at how the traditional emails are laid out then look at how companies get new clients like you.

  • You start by introducing your organisation.
  • You write what your company specialise in.
  • You state how long you have been in business for.
  • You mention big clients as a testimonial for your business.
  • You drop a link to a web page with a contact form.

This method used to work well and sadly now the conversion rate is as low as 0.01% and falling each year.

How Companies Find Client

  • They jump online and do a search for companies or see an advert for companies who offer the service or product they need or want that looks interesting and click it.
  • If they like the website, testimonials, video intros etc. The make contact.

How To Make Your Company Stand Out With Email

  • Write down the benefit your company offers, let’s say you were a cleaning company, it may go something like this.
  • Cleaning company where all staff are trained in cross-contamination control and product usage safety
  • How chemicals in the office may be a hazard to employee healthChange your benefit to how your benefit saves a company time or money.
  • Cleaning Can Reduce Absenteeism In The Workplace
  • We are wired to love stories. so use this to tell a real story and a story as a three-part narrative,  beginning a middle and an end. Start your story with the impact to keep attention from the headline.
  • A study of 384 offices revealed a quarter of the office soap dispensers are contaminated with faecal bacteria. It is estimated that only 5% of people know how to wash their hands properly.

    Think that’s scary?

    According to public health organisation NSF International, the interior tap of a water machine gathers an astonishing 2.7 million germs per square inch.

    And it gets worse!

    Courtesy of hair fibres, sweat and earwax, headsets are a breeding ground for bacteria which can spread skin infections and even lice!

    This is just three of the common eight major cause of staff sickness.

    To see the other five click to visit my YouTube video.


What you have done here is:-

  • Send out an email subject that gets the interest of the company individual reading it.
  • Told a story that got reader interest.
  • Create a YouTube video on your phone and post it as unpublished so only people who get your email will see your video.

    By moving your email reader from their email to your YouTube video, they now get to see your personality and the other five points to make up their mind if they trust you and want to work with you.
  • At the end of the YouTube video say “If you would like to have a chat, call (your number) or click the link in the description” which goes to a call back request form on your website.

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