What is the difference between a drip campaign and a normal email campaign?

Listen or keep reading…

A higher conversion for less work is the first noticeable difference between a drip campaign and a normal email campaign.

Let’s break down both processes…

Normal email campaigns tend to be Direct marketing e.g.

  • Direct selling
  • Notification of events
  • Final notice of expiring offer at locked in price

I call these emails wing and prayer emails because someone is normally trying to:

  • Reconnect with old clients on their database
  • Need to promote a product with no budget allocated.
  • Running an event and email your business database to see how many people can attend.

While these methods do work, you get a poorer conversation rate and need to work much harder.

Do drip campaigns work?

Drip campaigns are where you automatically send out an email a week.

Drip emails are better planned out as emailing your list a sales offer every week would lose your clients super fast.

This is why drip emails are geared up to helping your email list by giving hints and tips.

Think about this, if you were in a gym email list and they emailed you out workout tips every week.

Would that build trust?

You bet it would.

This builds trust then once a month you email out your offering that best suits your readers needs

So let’s dig deeper…

How do I set up a drip email campaign?

Setting up a drip campaign is a matter of picking the right email service for your needs.

Here’s some examples:-

Example 1.

If you’re a blogger, YouTuber or Instagramer, you may have a big email list and just want to notify the masses of new posts.

In this case you may use Sendinblue.com –

  • 300 emails a day for free
  • 40,000 emails for £15 a month
  • 60,000 email for £23 a month

You get the idea, ridiculously cheap and reliable, some call Sendinblue the bloggers secret weapon.

Example 2.

You want to qualify your visitor on a journey, let’s say it’s summertime and you run a fashion blog.

You may send out an email with three choices to drill down new subscribers into the best matching category e.g.

Welcome to my list, before I send you this year’s top fashion holiday ezine, I would love to know what inspires you the most. Click one link below…
Smart Casual walking wear
Million Dollar looking evening wear

When you visitor clicks one of those links, they get a tag added to their email address and get the relevant drip emails.

If your subscriber clicks more than one choice, you can set your drip campaigns to send Beachware emails in the morning, smart-casual-walking-wear in the afternoon and million-dollar-evening-wear after dinner.

This way you appeal to people at different times of the day so you email clothing ideas that ties in with their mood at the right time of day.

Imagine someone is sitting after dinner, a month away from their holiday your drip campaign sends them an evening outfit idea by email, they may see themselves in that outfit while thinking of their up and coming holiday, and buy from your online shop.

To do this, I would use an email service like ConvertKit.com –

  • 1,000 emails for $29 a month
  • 3,000 emails for $49 a month
  • Etc.

It’s down to you how creative you get with ConvertKit.

How do you run a drip campaign?

The basic way to run a drip campaign, you pick the service that best suits you then:-

  • Write your first email, usually a welcome emails
  • Write a second email and set drip schedule in days, this would be the number of days after sending the first email before sending email two.
  • Write another email and set drip schedule in days.
  • Repeat…

At a minimum make sure you send an email once a week.

Without getting too much into the research, once a week keeps you fresh in your readers mind

When your email reader needs a product or service you offer, you become the first who springs to mind.

What is a nurture campaign?

The real strength of a drip campaign is that you look at the stats for the emails in the flow, if any emails have a high unsubscribe rate, you re-write that email to get less unsubscribes.

This way you keep optimizing your email drip campaign on a weekly basis making it more optimised as the weeks pass.

What you are doing here is fine tuning/nurturing your email marketing funnel which warms leads for you to introduce to your offers.

What does drip mean in marketing?

Lets recap, a drip campaign is where you write a series of emails and select the number of days between each email sent.

If you send one email today, you can say “in 5 days send email 2, then in 3 days send email 3” etc.

You can repeat this process for each week in the year, then repeat the year giving you an automated marketing system you send cold leads and it convertd them to hot leads.

How many emails should be in a drip campaign?

As many as it takes. Yup one of those answers no one likes…

Here’s why, if your email list is helping someone use your Mortgage service, you may need a couple of weeks worth of emails vs offering a knitting website where you could have monthly patterns and wool deals which would be on-going.

You need to work out the following:-

  • The lifetime of your customer e.g. One week, six weeks, indefinitely.
  • How frequently does your email list invite your reader to your sales page?
  • Does your autoresponder email you when your email reader is reading a certain email and clicks a link which sends you an email so you can call your reader while they are on your website?

There are so many variables, that being said here are some tried and tested methods you can use.

The three email sequence

Send a weekly email that links to a blog or video with three points
For those users who click the link in the weekly email, send an email the second day asking them what they found most helpful from the video/blog, then have three links (Point 1, Point 2, Point 3)

Depending what Point your reader clicked, depends what your third email will be and your third email can have a link to a sales video, product or request call back page.
If your email reader does not click the link in your weekly email, then no more emails are sent till next week’s email tip.