AB Testing Google Analytics

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AB Testing Google Analytics

Google has done something very clever with A/B test, previously I paid $47 month for a service that did the same, and now I have switched over to Google A/B Testing or “Google Optimize” as it’s called.

So what’s all the fuss about?

What if you could look at any page on your website. Select it as the page you want to test, then without any editing program, Google lets you make changes and saves your changes as version two. Boom. Job done.


This is how easy it is to do an A/B test with Google Optimize

  1. Add the URL of the page you want to test.
  2. Click the add Variant.
  3. Then select something on your page to change, in my case, I moused over my page title and a big blue box appears around my title which lets me click and edit my text as you can see in the image below…
  4. Save and run the experiment.

pasted image 0 1


Every serious email marketer needs this in their toolbox.

So, now you know where to A/B test (also known as split testing) for free using Google Optimize. Let’s look at some real-life reasons to do so:-

  • Headlines – to see what gets the most action from paid advertising as your headline should read the same as your paid ad for the sake of the visitor knowing they land on the correct page.
  • Button placement – as you may have a signup image and test the button before or after the image.
  • Font style, colour etc.
  • Different images, of you and your, product images to see if any get a better conversion rate.

Now you know what to test, how often should you test?

Always be testing until you get about 30% conversion or above.

It was A/B testing that took a healthy eating product sign-up page I did from 4% to 38% on email signups.

Just think how many more email signups you will get on your list with a 30% plus sign-up page, then over to your lead automation process to build trust.

To set-up your own AB Testing visit optimize.google.com it updates your Google analytics as well should you want to do further analytics. The Google instructions are very good.


Here’s how it looks

I just set up a button placement test and need to wait till I get 60 conversions before I can make a good call.

pasted image 0

Please note, this is a new page. If this was a page that was converting ok and I wanted to A/B test, I would set the original to 90% and the variant to 10% as you don’t want to see a massive drop in conversions should your new variant have a worse conversion.


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